Congrats! Wilton Intensive class graduates!

Just finished graduating the Wilton Intensive class students. They did a wonderful job on their cakes. Below are just some of the students’ cakes on display. These students have no or very little cake decorating experience when they joined my class and on the fourth day, they all took home their own hand made gumpaste and royal icing flowers on a 3 tiered cake. Amazing eh for beginners! The students came from all walks of life and as far as Australia and India. Great job Ladies and Gent! I am so proud of you all! I just love teaching you all.

wil1 wil2 wil3 wil4 wil5 wil6 wil7 wil8 wil9

Step-by-step guide: Red Hibiscus

Hi Fellow Cake Decorators,

Now that I have some time in between conducting classes, I thought it would be great to share some of my royal icing piping techniques with you. Since that I am now in Malaysia, I thought it would be great to share and show you a step by step guide into piping the national flower for Malaysia which is the hibiscus. Do feel free to share this post with other fellow cake decorators. If you have any questions, do let me know and I would be more than happy to answer them for you.

1. Fill a bag with stiff red royal icing fitted with a tip 3.
2. Cut a 24 gauge wire into three and insert the tip into the wire. Squeeze and pipe a layer of icing onto the wire as shown.
3. Using tip 2 pipe some yellow stamens at the end of the stamen.
4. Pipe 3 small red dots at the end of the stamen using tip 2.
5. When dry, brush the yellow stamens with some gum glue and dip into yellow cornmeal to create the pollen effect.
6. Using a lined large lily nail and using tip 104 mark the “stick man” positions onto the edge of the nail to indicate the petal areas.
7. Using consistent pressure, pull the petal from inside the nail up towards the sides of the nail between the marked points as shown. Continue the same steps with the other four petals.
8. Pipe a small dot in the centre of the flower and insert the dried stamen as shown.

Behold! You have your Red Hibiscus.

red1 red2 red3red4 red5 red6 red7 red8 red9 red10 red11

Poppy Cake


had some requests to re-post my step by step tutorial on my poppy cake so here it is again for those who missed it. Feel free to like and share this tutorial with your friends. Any questions on it, please let me know.

Golden Cake





My Golden creation done especially for the Saji magazine interview for their wedding issue in December .

Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger



Created a new dragon display for the shop. How do you like it? It measures approx. 32 inches long (2 1/2 feet) and 22 inches high (2feet high).